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About MediaLAB Amsterdam
MediaLAB Amsterdam is a creative, interdisciplinary Amsterdam based studio where students and researchers work together on innovative and interactive media research projects for Creative Industries.

About the project
MediaLAB Amsterdam is working on the project WAIT.THINK! in collaboration with ProRail. WAIT.THINK! is a fun and social online ánd offline platform for people who are traveling by train. It’s a platform that helps travelers with issues they might have while waiting for their train, in combination with important topics that ProRail wants to communicate with these travelers.  With a humorous tone of voice, funny suggestions and helpful information, this platform provides positivity on the train platforms. WAIT.THINK! content will be broadcasted on the public screens that will be placed on the platforms of six big train stations at the end of this year. This content will be a part of the Rail TV program that is meant to improve the waiting time experience of train travelers. Besides that travelers can visit the WAIT.THINK! webapp where they can find all the content and can participate by uploading their own content.

MediaLAB Amsterdam is looking for a frontend ánd backend programmer who can produce the web application for the project WAIT.THINK!. The prototype of the webapp will be launched in a short amount of time (15 January). MediaLAB is working with designers and animators to create the content and the design, and we need a programmer to help us create our webapp!


·    Web application for multiple devices.

·    Using multiple-direction swiping

·    Animated transitions between pages while swiping.

·    Using a CMS with a user-friendl


The programmer we’re looking for:

·    Is experienced in responsive design/mobile sized layouts.

·    Can make a CMS that has a user-friendly interface.

·    Know how to integrate gestures.

·    Can design an API.

·    Know how to approach user-uploads.

·    Is enthusiastic about working together with MediaLAB students.

·    Is available in December ’12 and January ’13.

·    Is flexible in work times.

·    Can work quickly.

·    Is preferably based in Amsterdam.

·    Is willing to work at StudioHvA.


  • hbo 


  • Steven Kok  
  • 03-12-2012 
  • Limited to our budget. Probably around 1000,- euros, dependent on the development of the project. 

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